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Welcome to HELP. Some of our most popular features are briefly explained here. Just click on the highlighted portion of the text to enter that section of TIAS. Thanks for stopping by.

TIAS.com doesn't do research or appraisals. Here are some ways to find the value of your item. You could try going to TIAS.com and do a search for similar items. You might also try this site: Kovels.com We also have an extensive list of clubs listed here. Perhaps there is a club that specializes in items of your type. Another alternative would be to find an appraiser in your area.

SHOPS. A unique group of antique and collectible cybershops that can't be found anywhere else on the Web. Tens of thousands of antiques and collectibles available on-line from antique shops around the United States, Europe, Canada and South America. Pictures, text and complete on-line catalogs. If you like to browse antique shops you will love this!  And you can be completely confident that when you do order through TIAS, that your order data is secure

SHOWCASE is a pictorial gallery that lets you browse any category of merchandise to find exactly the item you are looking for -- regardless of the store in which it is located. The Showcase feature only includes items that have photographs. To search the entire database of TIAS inventory, try our search engine.

SELL is the place to look if you are thinking about opening an antique and collectible shop on the Internet. We are also building a network of business partners around the world to help us build and promote TIAS.

NEWS shows you what has been added to TIAS with direct links to the latest sections and features in the mall.

SUBSCRIBE allows you to subscribe to the free online publications -- our popular semi-weekly newsletter and Antiques Business News Online (ABN).  You can also find out which merchants have newsletter or discount lists and subscribe to those if you wish.

CLASSIFIEDS  is a great way for you to easily buy and sell antique and collectible items or related merchandise and services. Items listed in the exchange may also be listed in the TIAS search engine, Yahoo! Classifieds and the 186,000 subscriber TIAS Collectors newsletter.

SEND A CARD  want to send a free Internet Greeting card?  In these days of for-charge services, you'll be pleased to find that you can send an antique greeting card from our archives at absolutely no cost.

DISCOVER is your link to Mailing lists, Shop locator, Specialties Index, Events Calendar, Antique Museum, Antique Search and other fascinating resources in our mall and throughout the Web.

FEEDBACK is a question form where you can send a question to dealers and support staff regarding information on items, or how to sell/buy a specific item you have in mind.

The TIAS MAGAZINE RACK is the largest on-line collection of magazines about antiques and collectibles. The titles are available directly from the publishers. Most are at discounted prices and some offer FREE samples and other incentives to TIAS customers.

The TIAS HOME PAGE is your main entrance to our site. Press releases from our dealers regarding sales, new inventory, and the latest features and services at TIAS are added almost daily. You might want to bookmark this page for easy access.

Still need help? If you have a question about the status of an order, click HERE!   Other problems?  Call us toll free at 1-888-653-7883 or try sending us a note with your question. Just click HERE.

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